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The best dressed guest

on August 16, 2021

Are you invited to several weddings this summer and each has a different dress code? I’m in the same situation. I have to dress up for a barefoot wedding of my hippie friends, and then there is this cousin I hardly know, and she planned that big fancy wedding. The third one is my high school friends' and they say “just throw something casual on”. Yeah, like it’s that easy…

I thought maybe it would be helpful if I share my outfit ideas for 7 seven different wedding types. I created a collection where you can find all of the garments and accessories you can see in the pictures below. 


The classical and elegant indoor wedding

Everything is white, big flower bouquets in the middle of the tables. Catch up with this vibe and put this lilac suit on. With these creamy heels you will look amazing!!!

The one where everything is super romantic and floral

Try not to look better than the bride. Are you kidding me? In this dress? At least it’s not all white. Wearing this shirt dress feels amazing! Do you doubt it? Let’s make a bet! Don’t need to thank me later, but this one will be your forever favourite!

The casual one

This dress is one of the best investments, because after the wedding you can wear it on a casual day with sneakers, or the same outfit for a girls night out.

The hippie one where you will lose your shoes very fast

You know what I mean! Put something hippie on! This beautiful floral dress, with the bracelet full of veggies to match the dinner.


The one on the seaside

Yes, this dress has long sleeves, but it's really light. You will love wearing it all summer and autumn as well with your favourite ankle boots.

The pinterest inspired one

This wedding was planned on a pinterest board. Outdoor, and super fancy, still the set design is minimalist. Dress up in harmonizing tones. Believe me, you will love this outfit. Pretty and comfortable. Do you need anything else?!

The most aesthetic one

There is a type of people, who easily finds amazing places that no one else can. I guess when it comes to my future wedding I won’t be that lucky one. Just kidding, but you see how annoying the feeling is: “I wish I found this place first”. Fortunately we are the guests and we have this very cool opportunity to participate in this very special event with our dear friends. This dress will save you! Another garment that you can wear all year in different ways.

Have a wonderful time with your friends! And don't miss the The best dressed guest collection at