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The Big Bag Club

on August 25, 2021

Every time I start writing a new article, the only thing I can think of is how to keep you engaged and bring you the most exciting fashion news. It’s a hard one, but somehow I always find something to excite you with. This time I’m writing about XXXXXL bags that are big enough to move in them. During my research I found a fantastic website and insta account, called The Big Bag Club. Virginia, the founder of the Club is a Milan based graphic designer and huge bag lover. These bags are digitally supersized, fun and super cool at the same time. I just fell in love with this content and I hope you will like it too:


Big bags are not a joke at all. Every woman knows how important it is to have a well designed carryall. Why? Because you don't want to carry one small, two middle and three tote bags at the same time to fit in. That's why you need an extra big one, that you can put your laptop, notebook, wallet and your kids in. Believe me, it's something you can't miss out from your wardrobe. So I created a whole collection of Spark Le Monde’s huge bags with matching garments. Click here and find your favourite XXL bag outfit.

Scroll down and see the amazing ideas, how to wear your favourite carryall.





Go to, find your big bag and join the club. 

After a hard day just shake everything out from your XXL and hide in it. Just kidding, but I won’t stop or judge you if… 




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