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Time to Get Matchy-Matchy - The Spring Colour Trend 101

on March 14, 2021
Spring is here already, and we are eager to show you one of our latest favourite trend: the monochrome. If you already felt that you need to update your style game, take a tour in our visionary world. It’s time to get to know the pieces that we have dreamed for you and own the season’s bests. Who needs a stylist, if you have a little SPARK?

All day white
Very brave and very bright. What’s your message? If you’d like to boost your confidence and feel comfortable at the same time, you are at the right place. Spice up the iconic Lou Lou Pulau White Shirt with a Leather Short by Remain and touch up with a beautiful Invisible pearl necklace by Mayol. If the sun shines down on you, take it in, in a stylish Ceramic White Cap by Rodebjer. The rest should be a statement! You can never go wrong with Cult Gaia’s Bamboo Clutch and Ganni’s Chelsea Boots.
Not just on the field
Lavender is calm, but fierce. Just like our carefully designed Haven Power Suit from  SAMSØE SAMSØE. It’s not a secret, this is one of our favourite of the season, so do not miss out on this! You can find some matching accessories in the store as well, to get the monochrome effect. Take a look at Miista’s Tina Steel Heels, Blame Lilac Cesta Handbag and a shiny rose Brenton Sunglasses by Tom Ford. If you want it memorable, pick the colour of your choice from the  Crystal Haze Nostalgia Bear pendants. This one is a lavender classic.

Casually blue
The ultimate oversize trend just arrived with our blue outfit. You can never go wrong with some  Baggy Boyfriend Jeans, especially if you are wearing one from MSGM. Speaking of day or night, this oversize statement Zena Shirt by Loulou Studio is always a good idea. Regarding the accessories, it can go both ways: sporty or chic. Our choice was to go a little cosmopolitan with a mix of casual. A pair of Marskinryyppyy Pauwau Sandal takes the outfit to the top. Now for the accessories: Heart of Glass Earrings by Mayol with the Fanny Pack Bag by Blame Lilac is just the perfect match.

Yellow mellow
Just the shine we need. An MSGM Light Cotton Dress with a layer of Rodebjer’s Aldonza Cardigan is an outfit to rise. Which pieces would make your day more fun? Maybe a pair of Joline Hairclips by Valet or The Dude Ring by Mayol? Sneak around in our V-lock Veja and MSGM Socks combo and grab the sun with your hands in the form of our Mademoiselle Handbag by Little Liffner. You are just a few clicks away to own a very happy outfit.

Neutral queen
There is an ultimate monochrome style, which totally won the colour of the season. A trench coat is always a must, so take a look on this beautiful one from Gestuz. Shake up your layer game with the Kena Turtleneck and Aia Pants from Rodebjer. And if you take my advice, make a statement with the High Boots by Flattered and the Mini Phoebe Bag by Danse Lente. A new pai of oversize Loewe Sunglasses wouldn’t hurt you either.
Pink layers
If you thought rose shades couldn’t rock, take a look at this cotton candy outfit. A Jogging Set from Ganni with the right colour of Stand Studio’s Lexie Coat just feels right. Add this Nico Giani Nelia Tote Bag to a real monochrome moment. See the world in absolut pink with the ultimate Le Specs Sunglasses and be unpredictable.

Team green
This colour might get a feeling of military vibe, but you can see the clean and straight minimalism in it. Our Valcyrie Dress from Remain has an open back, which gives a break of the sturdiness. Combine the extra dark olive Leather Shirt from Gestuz with the right Brynn Bag by Stand Studio and Fendi Geometric Sunglasses. Don’t forget to put on your extra shoes, like Another Project’s Lolly Chunky.

An extra shade
A black outfit never goes out of style, it doesn’t matter what year or century it is. You might think, that it's boring, but believe me, you just need to carefully select the layers and textures to shake things up. Take a look on these exciting pieces, how they blend together: A Kimi Top from Rotate, a Leather Pants from Ganni mixing it up with minimal accessories, like Flattered's Dolly Loafer, a Tom Ford Sunglasses, a Mega Loop Bag, and a Scrunchie from Gestuz.

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