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Pull off your winter days in these beautiful, warm coats!

on January 18, 2022
As someone who hates feeling cold, I have some very good suggestions for you. First: DON'T BE COLD! Second: PUT ON A WARM COAT IF YOU GO OUT TO THE COLD! Well, I’m not kidding. To make life indoors feel less depressing (in these pandemic times), sometimes you need to leave the house. And yes, even on the coldest days. When you meet your elderly relatives or friends who are scared more of the virus than feeling cold outside and having drinks in minus 1 celsius. You have to keep up with these badasses (I don’t mean your old relatives, but your friends). It seems I’m in a funny mood after a week of quarantine. But I’m back and next to being super fun I would like to deliver an important message: YOU NEED A WARM COAT! It’s only January and the coldest days are still coming and will last probably until April. You can find the warmest winter coats by Spark Le Monde. Choose your favourite one and enjoy those winter nights even outdoor. 

you can find the collection of the whole coat selection of Spark Le Monde. And below I listed my own favourites and also the warmest ones.

No need to thank me, but think about this article when you realise that you’re having your 3rd cocktail and you are still feeling warm and cozy (NOT because of the alcohol! I meant the coat). I hope you all have fun times in the beginning of 2022.