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Timeless But Always Fancy: Celeni

on December 01, 2021

Eszter Cselényi, the eternal romantic hungarian fashion designer. Her brand is feminine and mature. From season to season, she creates pieces that are great to combine and prove to be a long-term investment. Wonderful materials and feminine styles, playful shapes and colours. These are the dresses that our greatest actresses and singers proudly appear in on stage or at any event. 



You can now find pieces from the new Fritt Collection in Spark Le Monde's new store and online. The inspiration for these garments is the Tófej ceramics from the 60s and 70s Hungary. Even though these were not born as works of applied art, but left their mark on our collective memory.

Due to the low price and the huge number of the production, the vases and the decorative plates were present in almost all Hungarian households back in time. The most typical types had orange glaze, the coating which was made by a special recipe, and this collection got the name after it.

Those days you couldn't buy everything like you can today, but it also had the effect that everything matched everything, just like the people's clothes in the pictures matched each other. Polka dots on the top, patterns on the bottom, but somehow they still fit … That's why it was important that the pieces in the Fritt Collection work with each other, but also with your own favourite jeans and blazers. 

The carefully selected, high quality raw materials are also easy to care for. Wool, cotton and other textiles - that people like to wear, that don't wrinkle and that can be washed at home - were used to create the collection.

The age of ceramics, the households of the time, the plaid blankets, the sofa covers, the interior design of the coveted sports cars, the quilted seats, the footage of the TV and newspaper articles of the English royal family, all float into our minds.

As a conscious brand, their aim is to be transparent and to use sustainable materials and technologies such as recycled leather, hand-quilting or hand-beading techniques, like in their latest collection. We know where and who made it and have a story to remember every time we take our Celeni out of the wardrobe.

Regardless of size and age, these pieces are perfect for everyone. And this is Celeni's goal at all times: to bring smiles and happiness to moments, to self-expression, to the way we dress.

Now you really want to have a Celeni in your wardrobe, don’t you? Visit Spark Le Monde online or in store at Andrássy Avenue and choose your favourite piece from the Fritt Collection.