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on June 02, 2021
The weather is getting better and better, and we are sure, you are eager to connect with nature already. Breathe in and out the fresh air and just get lost between the trees, then find your way back to the tent. Comfort is very important when you feel the wanderlust, but we can show you how you can stay in style amidst the woods. The wonder-collection awaits you with a click on the pics. 

Grey and yellow

A combination in which you can embrace your flexibility. This look is perfect to wander through the woods but also works for everyday errands. Decide your destination and let the journey begin! Yellow will make your day a happier one.

Hint of a pink

A colour bomb is here to shake up your fashion game. Pink will wake you up from boredom and urge you to go outdoors. Combine all the shades of the pastel rainbow and enjoy your time outside. Be comfortable in your body and clothing. Feel free to do what you want!
Tone of bordeaux

When you match elegance and comfort, the mix can be quite exciting. Minimal designs are waiting for you team up with an extravagant hat and shoes. We love the colour combination of these earthy hues, perfect all year round.
Hike under the blue sky

Give a try to the season's best selling trek sandals from Arizona Love, they are comfortable enough to take you up to the top of the hill. You'll love the connection between your feet and the ground in these sporty sandals. Mix it up with the colours of the sky. Enjoy the elements, where wind, water and sand meets the sun.

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We hope you've gotten in the mood to spend some time outside and embrace your wanderlust. Hike in style, enjoy the real world. Prepare with our HIKE book for your next adventure and bring your bottle if you get thirsty. For more, click on the photos to see all the beauties you can wander in.
With Love,