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What to read on the beach

on June 29, 2021
Finally, we arrived to the holiday season and there is nothing better, than to enjoy our free time, me-time. Kick back, get your tan on and entertain yourself on the beach with some quality reads. Ler us show you, what kind of books will bring some peaceful reading times to the entire family, we are certain that everyone will find the perfect companion for this hot day.
Witty, wise and truthful. The ultimate beauty guide you need as a women out in the world. This is a handbook, which totally works in real life. 20 years of wisdom about beauty culture and transformation. Get to know more about makeup’s physically and emotionally transformative power, know more about teen skin, botox, sickness and health. Combine a beauty editor, feminist and your best friend. This is that book you need on holiday.
The foundation of cuisine, tracing the elements. How about taking a look at the produce, and some food preparation? Here is everything you need to know about the essentials of cooking from the earliest sources. Let's dive in to raw food and cooking, while you lay on your beach towel, and plan the extravagant meal you're cooking tonight.

There is nothing better than planning on the beach to create your own indoor oasis. Freshen up your rooms with some houseplants once you get back from vacay. Actually, bring home more. Plants bring structural beauty and good vibe and a sense of tranquility to your busy life. Strenghten your relationship with nature and keep your greens happy, healthy and positive in any space. Learn about how to take care of them and level up your gardening game.

The five expressions of motherhood are here to take your to your most authentic self. The book are all about support, advice, excercise and more to offer. Lori Bregman a celebrated doula, healer, yoga instructor and parenting coach is here to give you a balanced life and tools for parenting through examples. Mamaste is for all new parents, and an especially good escape on the beach.

This is what you need, when you crave for a digital detox. 65 bite-size, device-free activities, which are scientifically proved to improve a happier life. It's all about mindfulness and help to reconnect to real pleasures: friendships, family, romance, food, books, music, sleep, nature, art and much more. It's time to cut down the screen time and enjoy your life, especially when you are reading this book on your vacation.

This hungarian childbook is about a cute, little and hungry wombat, Valter, who woke up in a weird world, where he only wants to navigate and eat a lot. It's not that easy to fulfill his desires, so he collects friends on the way. This is more, than a childbook, it's pure adventure. The item includes an UV-lamp, which helps your little one to open up a world, which isn't seeable for the bare eyes. It's also entertainment for the parents with hidden agendas and continoues online on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep your children busy on the plage with Valter's adventure.
There is nothing more satisfying, than to read about running while you get a tan under the sun. Know all, about marathons, 10Ks and endurance runs, and also check out all the popular races within the pages. Get inspired by accomplished runners and take thtose plenty tips. Get your running national or international, there are beautiful places you can actively visit. It's an absolute must have for active holidayers.

Hope you enjoyed the collection, and found all your favourite, which you can put in your luggage on your next adventure. Have a good time and charge your batteries on the holiday!


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