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Immerse yourself into our vast online selection and start tailoring your exclusive personal appointment. Book a slot and discover in-store the pieces that interest you the most with a dedicated Personal Shopper. Besides, whether you are enhancing your new-season wardrobe or attending an event with sparkling glamour, our team is at your service to present you a curated selection of items to try on. Visit our flagship store located on the most elegant street of Budapest and enjoy the undivided attention of your Personal Shopper, who will help you to make the most out of your shopping experience.

The process:

  1. Book your in-store appointment by clicking here
  2. Provide your phone number
  3. Our colleague will call you for a consultation about your needs
  4. Come to your appointment and enjoy the VIP-treatment

What we offer:

  1. In-store availability of your items of choosing
  2. Product recommendation based on your needs
  3. Dedicated Personal Shopper

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