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Baby Cush Stud-Embellished Lacquer Bag
Baby Cush Stud-Embellished Lacquer Bag
Baby Cush Stud-Embellished Lacquer Bag

    Baby Cush Stud-Embellished Lacquer Bag

    by BY FAR

    199.990 Ft

    The Cush Leather Bag by BY FAR is such a cool piece. It will be the perfect statement bag with its unique shape if you are looking for something that elevate your everyday style. Pack all your essentials into this mini size piece that you can throw over your shoulder.

    • Composition: 100% Polyurethane Lacquer with Stud Embellishments
    • Depth: 8cm, Height: 12cm, Width: 22.5cm, Chain Length: 88cm

    BY FAR was founded in 2016 by twin sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and their best friend, Denitsa Bumbarova. The spark for the idea of the new venture originates from Denitsa's husband, who - knowing her wife's passion towards high-end designer shoes - took the leather shoes' manufacturing price list home from the factory at which he was installing solar panels during that time. Inspired by this, the three ladies did not hasitate much and founded their startup, the name of which comes from the initials of their sons’ first names: Filip, Alec and Roman. Influencers and fashion news outlets immediately noticed the brand's innovative designs and since then no less known names than Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Obama have decided to wear signature pieces from the collections. The Bulgarian high-end accessories brand represents an emotionally powerful design and timeless silhouettes with the complexity of modern techniques and the desire for innovation.

    The designers of By Far were driven to establish the new brand by a very simple thing: namely, the fact that they were unable to find shoes and bags that would satisfy their taste in terms of both design and quality. Three barefoot women… Of course not, but in any case, they would have liked something that gives a perfect look, is comfortable, and is made of the perfect materials, but they couldn't find it. So By Far was created in the spirit of continuous development and search for the perfect women's accessories, and the Bulgarian company took off immediately, as it soon became clear that not only the three creators suffered from a lack of accessories, but also celebrities such as the Hadid and the Jenner girls. Since then, you could not even count how many celebrities have decided not to go anywhere without their perfect bags from Sofia. By Far's classic silhouette and super feminine yet edgy style combined with the perfect Italian leather will blow anyone away, so it was our long-standing desire to bring it to Hungary as well.

    BY FAR doesn’t want to compromise either on quality or sustainable production and therefore, they believe in traditional craftsmanship by utilizing the finest artisanal techniques and producing in local factories. Meanwhile, they use high-quality responsibly sourced materials to ensure the brands’ reputation. Long story short: they always challenge themselves to expand their practices in a transparent and sustainable way.

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