Mohair Check Scarf

37.990 Ft

Made from the finest mohair yarn this oversized scarf will keep you warm in the coldest winter. 

100% mohair wool

About Stone

Stone is a Spanish fashion brand that offers ethical clothes to charming people. Stone is committed to using the highest quality of yarns and only natural fibers. They aim to be 100% environmentally sustainable to protect the earth and basic human rights for how the product is made. Welcome to their world of high quality and daily warm clothing for a natural and contemporary lifestyle. They do not use any kind of chemicals or synthetic materials, only cashmere, mohair, baby alpaca, silk, wool and cotton. They try to produce as much local as they can, either in Spain or in little external ateliers where the fiber comes from. Stone. like us, believes a new way of consuming is possible. Long lasting products and quality, before temporary fast fashion. All humans are equal. They ensure fair wages and fair working conditions. Casilda Diaz De Bustamante founded Stone four years ago, in Barcelona, Spain. She is passionate about fine materials and she loves being moved by involuntary beauty.  Casilda decided to create Stone as a tribute to natural fibers. She believes in “buying less, buying better” and she is happy to be part of the Slow Fashion Industry. creating longlasting and quality products.

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Make a conscious choice and select from our sustainable brands to contribute to our efforts to a greener future world. Stone contributes by using natural fibers, producing locally in Spain and ensuring fair wages.