The Latest News About Rihanna's Baby Bump

The Latest News About Rihanna's Baby Bump

Guess who is the covergirl of the latest Vogue issue? Or whose baby bump is? It can’t be anyone else, but Rihanna. Since we got the news about her pregnancy, the whole world is looking at her every step of the way. She is stunning and happier than ever. I think she made all women want to have a baby bump right now. At least her fans! We will always remember this Riri-led-fashion-era with her maternity looks.

For the Vogue cover she was photographed by Annie Leibovitz, the world famous legend! Rihanna took her maternity style to a higher level with this amazing photoshoot. Let me show you some treasures:


Here you can watch the “behind the scenes” video:

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s Riri news.




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