Loewe, S.A. is a Spanish luxury fashion house based in Madrid and owned by the LVMH Group. It was founded in 1846. Jonathan Anderson was appointed creative director in 2013. The company deals primarily in leather products.
LOEWE is defined by an obsessive focus on craft and unmatched expertise with leather, dating back to its beginnings as a leather making collective.  The collaboration between Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe and LVMH’s eyewear venture Thélios sets radical standards for the future of eyewear. Quality and excellence are the core values of Thélios that combines Italian design and craftsmanship of Marcolin Group with the core values of world luxury leader LVMH. Deriving its brand name from Greek goddess of light and sun, Theia, and god of sun, Helios, Thélios stands to own an “enlightened look” on the luxury eyewear sector. Combined with Loewe’s creative identity, this collaboration offers naturally chic looks in their timely edit of classic silhouettes.
Designer Jonathan Anderson stayed true to his innovative style with the sunglasses collection first launched in 2018, making for graphic mask-like pieces that go beyond your average eyewear. Loewe goggles are synonymous with the avant-garde style that has always represented this brand in all its designs. When it came to launching his first sunglasses collection for Loewe, Jonathan Anderson had a pretty clear idea of what was important.
“A good-quality glass screen and a bold frame,” the designer said.
Except, of course, this is his Loewe, so nothing is ever that simple or straightforward. While he has ticked off both of those qualities with this collection, made in conjunction with Thélios, there’s more here than meets the eye. If we speak of quality, the Spanish brand enjoys a great recognition precisely for the quality of its finishes, as well as for the materials it uses for the manufacture of its sunglasses. Many of the frames feature Leowe's signature trademark, they are embossed with the softest Spanish leather.
Anderson is well versed in imbuing his work with all sorts of intriguing narratives and crisscrossing references, fusing artisan craft with witty and imaginative design; he was never going to just slap the Loewe logo onto pairs that look like they came out of the Sunglasses 101 design guide and leave it at that.
“I try to build up a consistent Loewe character, and the sunglasses are part of it,” Anderson said.