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We are in love with Arizona Love

on April 21, 2021
This fashion forecast is about the coolest sandals trend of the season. We are all crazy about beautiful feet and wish that we didn't have to hide them for most of the year in shoes. The good news is, that the warmer weather is here and you can finally show your sexy pedicure to the whole world.
The depictions of the ancient men's feet are strikingly aesthetic in the paintings, thanks to the open footwear that highlight them. We’ve long been looking for the perfect sandals that emphasize our feet as beautifully as if we were the characters of a fresco. Guess what?! We have found the sandals of your dreams that are not only super beautiful, but also extra comfy!
The Trekky Bandana Sandals made the brand, Arizona Love so famous. Leslie Halfon french designer founded it a few years ago and made her brand the favourite of the fashion influencers. Not only the design that makes the brand so special, but also its environmental awareness. Their products are made from recycled materials. They don't use shoe boxes in order to minimize ecological footprint, and let the environment breathe a little. Communication is all digital, so there is no print waste in advertising either. 2018 is the date when Earth-friendly sandals met fashion and in that moment Arizona Love was born. 
The Trekky Bandana Sandals are the trendy and sustainable reincarnations of the classic Teva sandals. They are made by hand using upcycled cotton bandanas. We don’t exaggerate when we say it fits everything. In addition to flip-flop slippers, this will be the craziest accessory of the season, which you can wear  either with a suit or an elegant dress. Spice up your outfit with a matching Bandana mask and bag.
In case you are looking for something more sparkling, then the pearl-embellished Trekky Sandals are designed for you. You don’t have to be afraid of uncomfortable high heels, these sandals will even accompany you on the red carpet.