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    Cordera was founded in 2008 by two sisters, Mónica and María Cordera, with the aim to move fashion towards a more sustainable direction and to create a brand that radiates both elegance and purity. The headquarters of the brand is based in Galicia, whose wild landscapes and artistic formations serve as a constant inspiration for the designers. They created their small universe of contemporary, minimalist design, timelessness and ethical production there. When designing, they break away from classic female stereotypes and create pieces that are super comfortable, simple and suitable for people of all ages. The uniqueness of the collections is that they are unified from season to season, thereby emphasizing sustainability and the value of timeless pieces. This makes it easy for fans of the brand to pair creations from different seasons while the high-quality materials, clean, unique patterns and the one-size-fits-most styles are perfect for various body shapes. Cordera's message is to respect the values of the environment and the harmony of our body while creating fashion.