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Fifty Places To Surf Before You Die By Chris Santella

9.990 Ft

Red Tassels Cowries Necklace

13.990 Ft

Deja One Piece Rash Guard

25.794 Ft42.990 Ft

Claudia Hair Clip

9.900 Ft

The Cowrie Shell Choker

13.490 Ft

Dosed (Marquis) Sunglasses

69.990 Ft

Slim Logo Metallic Aubergine

4.495 Ft8.990 Ft

Dosed (Marquis) Sunglasses

59.990 Ft

Slim Shocking Pink

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Slim Black

4.495 Ft8.990 Ft

The Cowrie Shell Bracelet

8.990 Ft

The Cowries Chain Necklace

9.990 Ft

Modern Love Pearl Necklace

29.990 Ft

Giant Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Float

11.495 Ft22.990 Ft

Shell Luxe See Thru Clutch

3.245 Ft6.490 Ft

Flamingo Luxe Pool Ring

4.995 Ft9.990 Ft
Are you having trouble choosing the perfect gift for your surfer friend? No worries, we got you covered, being ocean lovers ourselves! Pick one of the gorgeous shell chokers or anklet from the Greek handmade Mayol collection, a gorgeous fouta towel that is perfect for the beach, some handy flipflops or buy one of our surf guides from I LOVE THE SEASIDE.