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Feet Orgasm Socks

    Feet Orgasm Socks

    by Carne Bollente

    9.990 Ft

    Wearing this pair of Carne Bollente socks is such an extraordinary feeling like an orgasm. Or, at least walking on clouds. What else to say? Purchase it now and pair it up with chunky Vagabond sandals!

    • Composition: 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Elastine
    • Machine wash at 30° only

    The Paris based Carne Bollente was established in 2015 based on the cooperation of designers Hijiri Endo, Théodore Famery and Agoston Palinko. The focus of the brand is to provoke an open discussion about the relation of sex and body positivity, to help people to explore and express their own sexuality through fashion. Their streetwear design consists of extreme, colorful illustrations and captions that break down sexual taboos and tries to make changes in cultural attitudes towards erotism. Carne Bollente is also a huge hero in charity such as fighting against AIDS and HIV with 1% of their online sales.

    Carne Bollente is a brand, which is not ashamed to sew outspoken illustrations of sex on any piece of garment. At first sight, these motifs can be shocking or funny but once we get over our first impression and think about why the designer works with such symbols, we realize that the aim is to break down taboos and move towards the goal that each individual becomes confident about his or her own sexuality and sexual orientation. The brand – with both its collections and financial support – contributes to the physical and mental well-being of those, who are not there yet. SPARK shares the beliefs and values that Carne Bollente represents and we hope that the otherwise humorous graphics will be able not only to cheer people up but also to move forward the cultural attitude and the norms which allow more and more people to wear the brand’s pieces.

    Organic, recycled fabric usage and basic, timeless designs are in the center of the brands sustainability project. All Carne Bollente products are made In Portugal and are sourced from local Portuguese suppliers with which they supported the reduction of their carbon footprint.

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