Pregnancy Cookbook By Pascal Rotteveel

7.790 Ft

This book celebrates the arrival of pregnancy cravings.

This is a staple gift for the millennial parent. Being pregnant is an exciting time, your little avocado that finally grows to be a fantastic watermelon brings a lot of change. Change in your body, your moods and, more often than not, also your appetite. Because for the next nine months your flavour will never be the same. And though we always celebrate the dawning arrival of a new family member, this book celebrates the arrival of pregnancy cravings. Together we’ll celebrate 40 pregnancy dishes; one for every week you’re pregnant.


  • hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • 25 x 20 cm
  • ISBN 978 90 6369 548 4

About the Author

On the contrary to what you might expect Pascal doesn’t have any children of his own yet. However he’s proud to be a godfather to the four boys of his sister and has kept a keen eye on her eat-patterns during all four pregnancies. As an award winning Creative Director working at VICE by day, Pascal Rotteveel has always had an interest in the weird and wonderful. In this debut, he focussed on the cravings of pregnant women.