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    Gameboy Sweatshirt

    by LC23

    45.990 Ft

    When it comes to layering, sweatshirts are absolutely essential. This contemporary piece with an abstract gameboy that brings back happy childhood memories created by Italian designer Leonardo Colacicco is ideal for throwing on underneath your favourite coat to keep the chill at bay, or equally stylish on its own. 100% made in Italy.

    100% cotton

    About LC23
    The eponymous brainchild of Bari born, Milan trained designer Leo Colacicco, LC23 combines handcrafted attention to detail with a thoroughly modern, vibrant, and youthful fashion sensibility. In the crowded marketplace of contemporary streetwear, having something that sets you apart is always an important asset. The LC23 shirt is a unique item made entirely by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail, 100% Made in Italy by skilled artisans. The name of the brand derives from the initials and the preferred and lucky number of its creator, the number 23. Reflecting the philosophy of Leo, the brand’s concept is based on: Personalization, Distinction, Quality, Craftsmanship, Style, Passion, Love.