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Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals
Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals
Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals
Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals
Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals

    Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals

    by Miista

    114.990 Ft

    The Stephanie Leather Heeled Sandals by Miista are one of the most unique accessories we have this season! It is a 100% made of leather and hand crafted with colorful woven ties and the signature Miista squared toes that will instantly highlight any of your outfits. Moreover, the memory foam soles make this pair of fashionista pieces extra comfy so that you can wear it throughout the whole day!

    • Composition: 100% Lamb Nappa Leather
    • Heel height: 8 cm
    • Made in Spain
    • Foam insoles
    • Open-toe design

    About Miista The name “Miista” pr. /m.ï.s-ta/ is a playful bending of conventions in salute to the worldly and irreverent modern woman. Femininity isn’t just comfort it is comfortable shoes. Femininity is non-disposable, quality, keep-me leather goods. It’s informed, wearable and non-prescribed. We could go on... but shoes are a good place to start. Laura Villasenin founder of Miista grew up in Northern-Spain then later moved to London to study and launch the brand on 2010. The intention was to play with shapes and materials without sacrificing quality, wearability or price. The aesthetic of the brand in the rural Spanish heritage united with the modern working women's feminist sentiment. Even though the brand has expanded over the years, they stick to the original craftsmanship in Alicante and each shoe turns out as a rendition of a cinematic, surreal inspiration translated into a timeless style piece.

    The London designed, forward-thinking iconic Miista is the perfect example of affordable luxury. Each piece is hand-made by artisans and their production takes longer than industry standards to ensure perfection and long-lasting quality. All the extra-soft leathers are sourced from Italy, Spain and Portugal and the entire production process is carried out within the borders of Europe. By choosing a Miista piece of art for your feet you are guaranteed comfort, cutting edge style and durability which is why Spark Le Monde is proudly stocking the brand season after season.

    Miista creations are luxury and sustainable shoes by artisans in Spain and Portugal using high-quality materials. Their production is ethical and fair trade. The footwear company using low-impact, eco-friendly production methods. In addition, Miista sources all materials and fabrics from the EU, which significantly cuts down flight time in shipment emissions to their production facilities. Plus, they are committed to supporting the artisans who handcraft their shoes in Spain.

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