The Traveler Iphone Case With Cord

12.990 Ft

The Traveler iPhone cord is made of 16-plait braided paracord with elegant white-bronze-coated closures. the Traveler is therefore extremely robust and is the ideal chaperon for travel, recreation, work and outdoor - this iPhone necklace won't let you down.

This unisex model will go with any outfit, let it be a casual jeans and sweater combo or an elegant suit in the office.

Optimum hold: Through the clever mechanism, you can adjust  the length of the of the chain. The adjusting elements ensure that the desired length is held securely. The innovative double closure also ensures a tidy look - entirely without loose dangling ends. 

The transparent and high-quality iPhone case is of course included.

About studioNOOKS

StudioNOOKS was founded by two women, Arianna and Sylvie - Two women with the will to change something. Made in Stuttgart designed by Italian Arianna with her temperament and elegance studioNOOKS provides a stylish solution to the everyday problem of locating and looking after the essential smartphone.  Three display crashes in three months was Sylvie's sad record before Ari changed her life. Since then she no longer leaves the house without a cell phone chain. She likes moments without a mobile phone best, but as a business developer and strategy consultant she usually has two with her. How nice that the styles are equally suitable for boardrooms and playgrounds and that they can quickly click back and forth between work and private life.