Joline Pair Of Hair Clips

11.990 Ft

The Joline pair of hair clips are so fuzzy that they make our hear go fuzzy-wuzzy. The clips are covered with a soft fur-like cotton coating, Valet Studio's creativity did not disappoint once more. Stick them both on one side, or one on each side, they will look great with a pony tail or with your hair down. This pair comes in a beautiful dusty pink colour, but is also available in our store in rust, mustard and white too, all visible in the picture. 

About Valet Studio

Another Aussie brand that we got completely taken away by. Designed in Sydney these hair accessorize are the latest hype in the street-style. 2019 will be all about clips, headbands and everything to do with hair. Let it be a sparkly barrette or a sea inspired crocodile clip, no matter which one you choose any bad hair day will be instantly fixed. Stick them on the side of your crown with your hair either down, in a ponytail or a messy bun, the little gems will keep you stylish all day. Embrace this craze with your head held high, you will surely be the trendsetter among your friends. No wonder they went viral on Instagram, everyone is wearing them from Copenhagen to New York.