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Verona High-Neck T-Shirt

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Sunday Extra Long Pyjama Pants

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Verona O-Neck Top

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Jodi Mesh Turtleneck Blouse

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V-Neck Organic Cotton Shirt

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Be Confident Bodysuit

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Ring With A Pearl

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Camea Cotton Blouse

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The year when the entire world has stopped had a significant impact on our daily wardrobe routine too. Work from home and the increase in web conferences has put a large impact on comfortable home and leisure wear, however we still need to look presentable for those meetings when the camera is on. For these situations we bring you our #abovethekeyboard collection filled with perfectly tailored suits from Remain Birger Christensen and Samsoe Samsoe, versatile tops, statement collars from Ganni, beautiful jewellery from Mayol Jewellery, Luv Aj and others paired with Ganni sweatpants or Love Stories panties for what the camera does not show.